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Sound Immersion Healing Sessions

New Offering:  Facial Reflexology with the Sonic Slider.  

Everyone LOVES Facial Reflexology. Its so relaxing and has lots of health benefits. Now take it to the next level using vibration.  The tuning fork has a sonic boot attached. This feels wonderful when gently slide across the face.  Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, aids in toning the facial muscles and can reduce swelling and redness on the skin.  

This session is 30 minutes. Pair it with Foot Reflexology for the TOTAL 1 hour Healing Package.  

One Hour Sound Session

Science has proven that emotions are directly connected to our health. When we are fearful, anxious, or stressed we are in the sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight phase. This causes the production of stress hormones.  When we are relaxed, happy, or peaceful we are in the parasympathetic nervous system response. Through appropriate, effective sound, voice, or music, we can enter the state of relaxation, peace, love.  Music lifts us, sound transforms and heals us all the way into the cellular level of our body.

Sound as therapy is certainly both an art and a science!  Experience your Individual or Group Sound Session Today!

  -excerpts from Lana Ryder, Director & Senior Instructor of Soundwise School of Harmonic Therapy