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Here at Health Quest Holistics we offer two different types of the Raindrop Process. Both sessions combine the science of Aromatherapy with proven techniques such as reflexology in the application of essential oils that are applied to the back and feet to bring structural, and electrical alignment. This technique is effective for everyone but especially those who suffer from scoliosis, back pain and fibromyalgia.** The Classic Raindrop session includes the nine essential oils and more massage-like techniques to the back for relaxation. The Vibrational Raindrop session may go beyond the healing properties of the classic session with the use of tuning forks to heighten the frequency of the essential oils. **

Enjoy these wonderful sessions that include the use of nine different essential oils that have been selected for their known healing properties. Start the healing process with oils.

When scheduling your appointment please clarify if you want the Classic Raindrop or the Vibrational Raindrop.

** These techniques have not been evaluated by the FDA. They not intended to cure, prevent, mitigate, or diagnose any disease.

Experience the beauty of essential oils dropped onto the body like raindrops.