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Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis. What is the state of your nutritional health? With one drop of blood from your fingertip you can find out many things about your digestive health and the health of organs such as the liver, kidney and colon. This scientific reading of your blood may answer many of your health questions. Using a Phase Contrast Microscope that is attached to a TV you will see instantly what your blood can tell. This simple and inexpensive procedure takes 30 minutes and you will walk away with suggestions to help support and correct any issues found during the session. Also during your blood screening you will receive a Dried Layer Blood Analysis which can show additional issues, such as heavy metal deposits. 

If you suffer from chronic symptoms and are not getting answers to your health problems, this might just answer some of your questions. I invite you to have an analysis performed and witness for yourself this exciting procedure.

PLEASE NOTE: Nutritional Blood Analysis is not a substitute for routine blood work with your regular physician or health care provider. This analysis is provided for educational purposes only.

Do your red blood cells look like this?  Find out soon with a Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis.


Second Nature Health Food Store

Kutztown, Pa.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Inner Peace Expo - June 29 & 30, 2024.  Morgantown Expo Center Drop by my booth for a specially priced blood analysis.