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The BioMat is FDA approved for relieving pain and swelling. This specially designed mat is made of amethyst crystals which help the body absorb the Far Infrared that is produced when turned on. Far Infrared reduces swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow in the body. Schedule your time on the Bio-Mat and feel its benefits first hand. Sessions are scheduled for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

The ThermaJade has two sets of specially shaped rollers carved from natural jade, one each for the torso and the legs, that are mounted in special pivoting carriages. As the warm rollers travel along the entire body they: Relieve stress and promote relaxation; Relieve muscle pain and soreness; Relieve muscle stiffness and ease aches associated with arthritis and; Improve blood circulation.  These sessions are 15 or 40 minutes.