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Ear Candling is a gentle, safe method of cleaning the inner ear, sinuses and lymph system. Ear Candling is a natural ear healing technique that began centuries ago in ancient Egypt. Our ancestors used dried water reeds and other items to draw ear wax out. Today ear candles are made using cloth and wax. Ear Candles are specially designed for this process, they are approximately 12” long. 
Ear Candling is a simple home remedy for removing ear wax and may improve any of the following conditions:
Sinus problems
Chronic Headaches
Hearing Difficulty
Sore throat and ear aches

Ear Candles are handmade and cured for several months.  Our ear candles are made from muslin cloth, paraffin and bees wax.  Candles that state they are 100% bees wax are too soft for use.  Our candles have no wax on the inside thus the ear wax can cling to the inside of the candle as it draws.

Ear Candling is done in the office as an educational session only.  Additional ear candles may be purchased or shipped.  Contact us to learn more.